fan of 100 U.S. dollar banknotes

A letter to Jeff Bezos

Hi Jeff,

I really hope that you are not sick right now. So many people are suffering from this new virus. Governments are struggling, people are getting bankrupt en are dying. Strange times arent they?

I’ve heard that it is in a strange way good for your business. Well, every cloud has its silver lining right? last year you made around $2500,- a second. Amazing. I am not writing this to let you know that you’re responsible. Or that your evil. You just played the Capitalism game really really well. Actually, you won. Big time.

I have a theory, it’s pretty simple. Money is just stored energy. Nice theory right? So you have lots and lots of energy. More than $ (130 Billion) Holy shit, how can a human being handle so much energy? That must be so hard. I just can’t imagine the responsibility you have right now.

Sure, you started a fund for nature with 10 Billion, with your name. It’s a nice gesture. Thanks on behalf of mother nature.

But I think it’s time to give all of that energy back. Right now. All that money, all that stored energy, that came from your workers, from the plants in China, from the planes, busses, and warehouses, from the cut trees, and from everything else. Time to give it back.

Your Amazon can deliver food, medicines, masks, and everything else that is needed. Stop building spaceships for a while and build ventilators. Start the biggest give-away of your life and give back. I don’t believe it’s your energy, it is ours. There is only one source of energy right? And that is ours!

And dear Jeff I can promise you that in the end, it will make you feel much much better. Walk outside, breathe in, and talk to your family. Keep 3 million for yourself, no problem. And have a great life.

By the way, while you’re at it, can you ask your other friends as well? I know Bill loves to share. And I guess what goes for you also goes for Mark.

Thank you for listing and thank you for helping.

The world is counting on you, lives actually are in your hands.


Erik Kuperus (the Netherlands)

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